Are you smarter than your parents?
 Educational gift idea for kids 8 to 12 years old.--Are you smarter than your parents – Quiz box for families: test your knowledge and have fun!   Do you think you know it all? Draw a question and prove it!...
Wisdom of Simplicity
Voluntary simplicity, easier than you think!--Simple and practical messages for a better predisposition to voluntary simplicity. Day after day, you will have access to tips to voluntarily reduce your consumption while becoming aware of its impacts. You will give priority...
Romance for Couples
Love is like a fire that is fed with romance, so keep the flame burning with this Box of Joy!--Awake the Romeo, the romantic, the poet in you with this message box for lovers that can find the right words...
Valentine's Day for two
Because love doesn't celebrate until February 14th!--An original and appreciated gift that will last much longer than flowers! A greeting card reads in a few minutes, this box offers 365 sweet words of love for the person who shares your...
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