A Prayer a Day
Let faith guide you through your days with this Box of Joy.--A little prayer per day to inspire yourself and be in harmony with the divine teachings Help your neighbor, be merciful, forgive and love… So draw your daily prayer...
Prayers to the Holy Virgin
365 prayers destined to the Holy Mother of all Catholics.--Hail Mary full of grace! A gift idea to bring her blessedness love in one’s home. To call out Mary is to call on one’s proximity with Jesus, to our intercession...
Words of Pope Francis
365 words of love, compassion and faith by Pope Francis.--This Box of Joy offers you a great way to start the day or during a welcomed pause during our busy days. Pope Francis always has messages of love, hope, courage...
Messages from the Bible
A Box of Joy that celebrates the most beautiful teachings of love from the sacred book. This message box is a great gift idea for everyone.--Offer a Messages from the Bible Box of Joy, offer 365 different sacred and inspiring teachings...
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