Magical Moment
Draw your daily message and discover one of the 365 messages to help you appreciate life’s little joys, on your path to happiness.--Through these messages of this great gift idea, take the time to enjoy the great and smaller things...
For you my Love
The ideal gift idea for your partner, a thoughtful daily message to remind him or her of your love.--Little could be greater than to be able to say in 365 different ways «I love you» to your loved one. So...
For a Special Friend
You’re lucky to have this special relationship with your friend--As Pythagoras said, "Friends are travel companions who help us progress on the path of a happy life”.  So offer this Box of Joy message box!   You’re lucky to have this...
Never Lose Hope
Hope is what keeps us alive and nourishes us.--Inspiring messages to keep our fibre of hope alive. Hoping for beautiful and good things for our loved ones, our friends or for ourselves is soothing. Hope is protection for a better,...
Coffee Break at the Office
It’s now time for a pause, draw your message in the box and take your breather.--The perfect gift idea for a boss, a colleague or simply to entertain you and your coworkers during break time!   The Coffee Break Box...
Life is Beautiful
Keep a positive outlook on life--Box of Joy - Life is beautiful is the perfect gift for anyone. A gift filled with love that lasts all year long! A great idea for someone who has it all: offer this unique...
One day at a Time
Remember, what you're looking for is inside you.--Box of Joy full of messages to inspire you one day at a time. Life offers some challenges, but sometimes all it takes is a smile, a word, to remember to look on...
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